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Benefits of remote server

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Administration Tool) is a windows component used for remote server management of functions & characteristics running on other servers. It utilizes snap-in and command line application for domain management, Hyper-v cluster administration, management.

remote server

RSAT acts in the same manner as it plays from the remote server. Installation of RSAT is supported in both customer OS and host OS PowerShell & by GUI method. In windows 10, RSAT could be installed on Professional, Enterprise and Education versions.

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During the upgrade process of windows 10 (til the windows 10 1803 version update ), RSAT installed in earlier version cannot persists after update procedure. This difficulty happened for every up-gradation because the’RSAT.msu’ was supplied as windows update package. To overcome this problem, Microsoft changed the setup process as’Features on demand’. RSAT installed as windows 10 upgrades will be persisted after by feature on demand.


Download RSAT tool for versions

Download RSAT bundle (KB2693643) in the download connection and Run the document. Click’Yes’ when prompted.RSAT on windows 10

Read the license provisions and click on’I Agree’RSAT on windows 10

The package will start installing and after the Effective setup, RSAT tools will soon be available in your windows 10 machine.RSAT on windows 10

To disable RSAT, go to’Programs and features’ ->’View Installed upgrades’ and KB2693643 to uninstall.

Beginning from Windows 10 variant 1809, RSAT is available as ‘Features on demand’.

In Apps & Features, click on’Manage optional Features’Install RSAT in windows 10

Click ‘Insert a Characteristic’ and it will provides the listing of Features such as RSAT tools.Install RSAT in windows 10

Select the necessary RSAT tool and click’Install’. To Install AD management tool (dsa.msc), click ‘RSAT: ADDS and LDST’. Install RSAT in windows 10

Setup of’RSAT: LDST and ADDS’ will commence in ‘Manage optional features page’ and completes in a minute based on our online connectivity.Install RSAT in windows 10

To disable the RSAT tool, Choose the tool and Click on’Uninstall’

On the Produce Requirement popup as Categorie Device, Select as Condition Operating Procedure, select as Rule Form Value, pick as Operator One of, pick All Windows 8 (64-bit) and click Ok.

Back on the Conditions page click Next.

About the Dependencies page click Next.

On the Summery page click Next.

On the Completion page click Close.

Back on the Deployment Types page click Next.

Note: To also deploy the Remote Server’s 32-bit version Administration Tools only change the things about the Content page and the Prerequisites page and repeat the Deployment Form steps.

Click Next.

On the Completion page click Close.

Deploy Application

Library > Overview > Application Management > Programs, select the new program, choose Deployment > Deploy and the Deploy Software Wizard will reveal.

On the General page, Browse to a click and Collection Next.

On the Content page, Add a Distribution Point (Group) and click Next.

About the Deployment Settings page, select the desired Deployment settings and click Next.

Note: Select Purpose Optional that is as to let the user pick and Select as it mandatory to be made by Purpose Required.

On the page, select the wanted schedule setting

About the User Experience page, Choose the experience Settings and click on Next.

On the Alerts Settings page, Choose the wanted alert Preferences and click on Next.

Click Next.