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If you want to enjoy the beauty of nature, Muir Woods Tours offer the best tourism services in the area. We offer our services in Napa Valley, Muir Woods, Yosemite National Park, San Francisco, Carmel and Monterey.


Napa Valley

Napa valley has various spots for wine lovers. With our services, you can enjoy the maximum wine places in Napa Valley. You can hire our shuttle service or high-end vehicles to tour Napa Valley. If you are with your friends and you want to enjoy the wine tasting moments, we are your only hope. There are various wine tasting facilities where the wine comes directly from industry. You can taste fresh wine and amaze yourself. There are many bars in Napa Valley for wine tasting and there are various traditional places to taste wine. In short, if you are a wine lover and live anywhere in the United States, just contact us. We will provide you with the best tourism services through Napa Valley.


Muir Woods

It is saying, “By discovering nature, you discover yourself”. According to John Muir, nature is the true reality of human. You can amaze yourself by being travelling or touring through nature.

We offer best tour services in Muir Woods. It is famous for having tall coastal redwood trees. These trees can grow up to 300 feet. Coast redwood is the house of various species.

Muir Woods Tours

If you want to visit Muir Woods anytime in the year, just contact us at (415) 942-9822 or leave us a message through our website. We will answer you with best facilities. With our shuttle service, we can visit your crew to the beauty of nature and we can pick up and leave your crew at desire place.


We take well care of all our clients and we are proudly serving more than a million folks throughout the year. Be a part of Muir Tour Company and enjoy nature.


Muir Woods National Monument established in 1908. The key reason behind honoring this place was to secure the preserve the old grown redwood trees. These are trees whose life span is up to 800 years and counting. Muir woods area consists of coastal redwood and Sequoia.


You can enjoy hiking through various locations of Muir Woods and you can enjoy the true beauty of nature. There are various walking tracks in Muir Woods. There is main trail hiking which starts from the national park, passing through redwood creeks. You can enjoy having lunch and breakfast in Muir Valley. There are many gifts shops and you can have gifts for your loved ones.


Contact us and tell us your requirements, we will do anything to assure your safety. We have modern vehicles that are perfect for smooth tourism. We provide our services to every group (small or big). Money is not our only concern; we also want you to have memorable moments while being in Muir Woods. It is a better option to rely on Muir Woods Touts facilities because they are few parking spots offered to visitors. We will make your journey easy, comfortable and memorable.