Kitchen Knife Safety Rules- Remember Them Always


All knives have this one single thing common in them, it is that if you will not handle them correctly then they will bring big damage to you. So, here are the kitchen safety rules for you. We know that knife safety is really and immensely important. Each one of you should get familiar with these safety procedures and rules even using a Damascus Steel Knife.

Below we have written down the safety tips for you. They will help you in preventing all kinds of potential injuries and gradually you should become a better cook. Even more, if using Damascus Custom Knives, same safety tips have to be followed.

Keep Your Knives Properly Sharp

  • A dull knife is extremely dangerous for you as compared to a sharp knife. Yes, this is an odd fact as it may sound. A dull knife offers more harm than a sharp knife and this is an absolute and a true fact.
  • The explanation of this fact is pretty simple. If you are cutting something by using a dull knife, you obviously you have to apply more pressure and intense force. This action increases the likelihood of getting injuries as a knife may slip from your hands. It is after two to three months that you should sharpen your knife. You can get a sturdy sharpening stone or you can use a knife sharpener for this job.

Know-How Regarding Knife Techniques

  • You can keep yourself safe while using a knife if you have basic know-how regarding knife techniques. If you know how to use the knife, then you can always prevent as many number of injuries as you can.
  • Regarding the knife cutting tips, the hand which is holding your food, it has to be shaped like a claw and the fingers should be tucked under so that knife may not cut your fingers. The person should use a cutting board, in this way you will not feel cramped and messy while cutting. If you are cutting a round vegetable or fruit, cut it in half first and then you can lay the flat side down before you continue to cut it in smaller rows. Lastly, suppose you are carrying a knife, then make sure that you point the tip completely towards the floor.

Opt for the Safest Knife Storage Option

  • Kitchen safety can be guaranteed if you will use and choose the safest knife storage options. If you have kids, then you should keep your knives stored properly and safely. ¬†Consider buying a knife block or other storage option. You can have a magnetic knife strip, this you can attach to the side of your kitchen cabinet. This way, kids will fail to access knives.
  • If you want to put your knives in a drawer, then keep them at the back side of the drawer so that the small hands may not reach it! You should never leave knives on the counter unattended. If any knife is there on the counter, put it back at its fixed place so that kids may not harm themselves by using it.

Cleaning Your Knives Regularly and Frequently

  • Every knife needs a different cleaning job. Before you clean any knife, read out their instructions manual so that you can exactly clean it up to the required standards.
  • Some of the knives are dishwasher friendly are some of them are not! For some knives, soapy water does not suit them and their blades become dull.

Remember and consider these kitchen knife safety rules always. Keep tuned with us as more safety rules are coming ahead so that you can safely work in your kitchen when using knives.