Creative advertising for real estate: Free Examples

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Creative advertising for real estate: Free Examples + How to create the best real estate advertising?

In this global village that forms online real estate online advertising is the safe asset to promote your business.

Few (to say no one) are lucky to not need to advertise. Moreover, according to several studies, investment in digital media will surpass television for the first time.

Something has changed forever and the real estate sector cannot be left behind.

In today’s article we will tell you how to get started in online advertising and what channels and platforms are best for your real estate website

What is real estate advertising?

Real estate advertising is a way of communicating to increase the consumption of a product or service.

The online panorama in house for rent in islamabad

This year, advertising for digital media and channels will reach no less than 37.6% of the total.

Television lags behind, with 35.9% of total advertising investments.

The question is, all this online advertising investment, to which media or channels is it going to go?

To start, the online video will be the format that will eat the most portion of the cake, with a growth of 32.4%.

On the contrary, social networks will receive a smaller increase, but also very prominent, by 28.9%.

Finally, a concept that you may not know but that is key in this topic, programmatic advertising, will take 25.4% of the budget.

The mobile, point of origin for the real estate user

To finish getting in tune with how the landscape of online real estate advertising will be in 2019, you must take into account the mobile.

This year will be invested the negligible amount of 116.1 billion dollars globally only for mobile.

These same forecasts announce that of 100% of the investment, 56% will go to the mobile, leaving the desktop devices for the first time behind the smartphones .

How to create the best real estate advertising?

As you have seen, online advertising has become very serious.

The vast majority of advertising systems are based on the laws of the bid. That is, the greater the demand for advertising, the more expensive it is, and therefore, the more expensive it is for you.

Let’s now look at the main advertising channels and some creative examples to inspire you.

Google ads, your place in Google

The search engine search engine is the first mandatory stop for any company that wants to advertise to sell houses.

It guarantees you traffic to your real estate website or to the landing pages that you determine.

Google Ads advantages

If your website is well built, the texts are convincing and other technical aspects are in order, it may be the way to get safe traffic.

Google Ads Disadvantages

The moment you stop investing, you stop receiving visitors. Google ads is a good way to get traffic, but without a doubt, to get results you have to invest a good amount of money to get potential customers.

Real estate advertising on social networks

Another way to guarantee traffic to your website is to use real estate advertising on social networks.

The options are many: Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads or LinkedIn ads.

We highlight of this type of advertising for sale of plots in Capital Smart City a point that we love: its segmentation capacity .

As you undoubtedly know, social networks accumulate millions of data on our behavior, tastes and interests.

This data is marketed through the ad platforms they own, so that it is very attractive for advertisers.

For example, Facebook Ads allows you to segment by age, sex, place of residence, interests, behavior, network activity, and many other interesting facts.

Advantages of real estate advertising on social networks

The first and great advantage is its segmentation capacity. The second of the advantages that you should keep in mind is that these platforms allow advertising to be oriented to interests and behaviors.

In addition, it is possible to mix these variables, to further refine the scope.

For example, you can contact real estate professionals between 30 and 55 who have also interacted with your Facebook page in recent weeks.

Interesting, right?

Disadvantages of real estate advertising on social networks

In our experience, the only disadvantage that real estate advertising can have on social networks is that you need a qualified professional to manage it to maximize investment.

Especially Facebook Ads is a very complex platform, with many variables that you must take into account and that does not dominate in two days.

That is why we recommend that you hire someone who professionally manages your advertising account on social networks.

Advertising tips for real estate

After this brief review, we want to give you 4 advertising tips for real estate.

Define your goals

Online real estate advertising will not be effective if you do not have clear objectives.

Almost all advertising platforms, especially advertising for real estate on Facebook will help you raise the goal of your campaigns: grow your community, get more comments on your publications or increase visits to your website.

It is no nonsense, because the image, text and budget of your campaign will depend on the objective.

Our advice? Let your community grow first and then work with it.

If you start in this world of real estate advertising, the best thing you can do is dedicate a good budget to get fans and from there, increase the connection with your brand (engagement) by promoting updates to your Facebook page.

It shows a human face

Our sector is a sector of people. We work with properties, but above all, with people.

That is why he always tries to make users see a human face. It will help them identify with your agency or with the agents that work for you.

Take care of the texts

Texts are one of the most important elements of an advertisement. It must be direct, with action verbs, keywords that are important to you and the correct extension.

Our recommendation is that you do not exceed the three lines on Facebook. Remember that ads are resized according to the device on which they are displayed, which may cause all text not to be read if it is too long.

Do tests

Do you know how many versions of the same ad? At least 5 or 6 for the same campaign.

These versions include text changes and image changes. Thus we ensure several tests that allow us to know what works best with the profile we have selected.

The best real estate advertising: What is it?

Do you want to know which is the best real estate advertising ?. According to our experience in online advertising, the best is that of Google Ads.

Most of the users when we look for a product or service what we do is go to Google and depending on what we find in the first paid or free positions, we enter the different page and see if the services they offer can fit us to Our real estate business.

Real estate advertising on Facebook is the second best option according to our experience, but the short-term results are lower compared to Google Ads advertising, since users do not connect to social networks to sell them. Social networks are very good for building trust, which eventually results in sales.

Examples of creative real estate advertising

To close this article, we want to show you examples of creative real estate advertising for your business and that you can make the most of your investment, inspiring you in the best ones to give new life to your brand.

Advertising to sell houses of real estate

We love the first of the examples we want in this article for many reasons. The advertising to sell houses of, is direct, visual and transmits the closeness that we always recommend for the advertisements of your brand.

In addition, we must highlight the use of video as an advertising format. Especially on Facebook, where videos are played automatically when the device in question is connected to a wifi. Do not miss this opportunity for all users to see it.

We also have to point out the approach of the concept transmitted in this real estate ad.

The slogan ” We show it to you ” serves to highlight your ability as experts, which arouses consumer confidence.

And of course, there is the fundamental aspect of providing a service that affects a point of habitual pain among consumers in our sector.

We all know that it is easier to sell a well decorated apartment, as it helps potential clients imagine living on the property.

If, in addition, the visitor has already been able to visualize the potential of the house, even before going to visit it, it will be much more predisposed to buy or rent it, don’t you think?

Whenever you can, include the video in your commercials . Facebook gives priority to this format and you will achieve more impressions and reproductions than with simple images.

As we have told you many times, large real estate franchises have extensive knowledge of marketing and advertising for the sale of houses, which apply their franchisees with great expertise.

The second of the examples of advertising for real estate that we want to show you belongs to this great franchise.

In this case, we highlight the human touch that makes this ad attractive and perfect to attract the ideal type of customer that addresses. It is important to note that hitting the target audience is one of the most important missions you should contemplate when considering an advertising campaign.

If you don’t know who you’re going to, you won’t get close to the people you want to reach.

And what about the ad text? It is also a good example of how to emphasize what your audience needs. If you are going to focus on growing families, you must address two aspects: the emotional and the material .

For the first, the  Franchise uses an image full of emotions, and for the second, the text underpins the logical need that a growing family needs more space.

In this second example you can see how the same principles we have seen apply.

In this case, the ad is aimed at the senior public, but from a fresh perspective that makes it much more attractive than other commercials in the sector we have seen.

Although it is a bit risky, the photo is shocking, so we encourage you not to feel forced to do the same as others. Today, there are many who decide to turn their lives around when retirement time comes.

REMAX knows this and has decided to target that target audience. Do you dare to take a chance?

Advertising is creativity to power

If so far we have talked about how to take advantage of the potential of Facebook through videos or how to make static ads that can attract different types of audiences, it is time to see how advertising on sky marketing, Twitter also works very well.