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Why are Brandi Glanville and Denise Richards quarreling?

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A few days later, Glanville recalled this tweet with a suggestion hinting at the problems they are going through.

“For anyone who wants help on the slogan, it might work,” I could be married to a man, but I still have the right to eat pu ** y, “she writes.

Glanville deleted the tweet later, but not before the fan sites took a screenshot and made it available to everyone.

Why are Brandi Glanville and Denise Richards quarreling?

The feud between Glanville and Richards caught everyone off guard. Richards would have been friends with Glanville, so friendly that the former filmed a scene with the latter in season 9.

“Denise Richards and Brandi Glanville would have slept together months ago,” reported one site. “Because Denise and Aaron are supposed to have an open marriage, Brandi felt like Aaron knew it, so Brandi told several people.” funky makeup bags

Kelly Dodd of The Real Housewives of Orange County joked and added, “I had [my] sleepover with Brandi and she didn’t get mad with me. She must be blond or she must know that I’m not in… “

Brandi Glanville and Denise Richards would have had a meeting

Glanville is reported to have said that she and Richards had even made a trio together.

She also says that she and Denise made a trio with someone. Denise has only met Brandi

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 once before and it was in a social setting. Denise has never been intimate with Brandi, “a source told Us Weekly.

Another source told the publication that Glanville and Richards had connected more than once.

They have connected on more than one occasion. Denise was not married to Aaron when they first met. Another time, Brandi felt like she had a certain openness towards Denise and Aaron’s relationship and that Aaron was aware of what was going on, “said another source.

A Richards representative has denied all of the allegations and claims that she and her husband have an open marriage.

Denise Richards and Lisa Rinna fall

After all the drama around Richards and Glanville, the old man’s friendship with Lisa Rinna has broken down.

Denise Richards and Lisa Rinna had fallout in Rome when Lisa confronted Denise about the rumors involving Brandi Glanville and the things she and the other women heard Denise say about them behind their backs,” said one source at Hollywood Life.

“Denise still has no idea where the rumors of Brandi come from and Rinna seemed upset that Denise is denying it so Rinna confronted her and they argued about it. Later, they fought again at a charity event filmed at Kyle’s, “added the source.

RHOBH season 10 is still being filmed and is scheduled to air later this year on Bravo.