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For a website designer, I have been hosting sites for my customers for about 10 years now.  I enjoy being able to provide my customer with a service where I’ve got a little bit of control on the host configuration and I am not reliant on someone customer support or lack of features and specifications.

It seems like that in the past 2 or 3 decades, hosting a business’s site and email only hosting collectively has become quite a challenge.  Sellers are contracted, employees are added, as the company grows, email gets more significant and ever growing.

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It’s not that the arrangement of email has changed along with the amount of email has improved, it’s the technology which surrounds it’s transformed.  We are seeing email used more and more frequently especially company. Since the requirement for and use of business-grade email increases, consumer expectations are also on the increase.

Our reliance on email is not shifting, at least in the not too distant future.  Did you know?


As of 2013, there are 3.6 billion email accounts, Radicati


91 percent of customers check their email daily, ExactTarget

48 percent of mails are opened on mobile devices, Litmus



It’s best to not do this with your email as you would not do with your financial investments.  Your email will be part of your daily routine; if it is not already, as you develop. If something goes on with your internet server, then your email could be impacted.  Splitting your email onto its own server can spare the pain of having no email for hours.

Today’s cellular technology.  It used to be fine to use a POP3 email account that accompanies your .  POP3 is a technology. We were accustomed to having a single computer and all of our email was sent to that one computer.  Today, from a number of different platforms, we get our email with technology like notebooks and cell phones and iPads. Having your email synced with systems such as Gmail or Exchange Apps will help your workflow as you can sync your mails.

It is so crucial that your email operate 24/7.  If your email goes down for 4 hours or more than a 3, it can cost money.  When you host your email using a business that is centered on your email, service could be more specific and helpful.  They operate to keep your functioning instead of ensuring that your website and email are working.

Web Hosts for Sites.  Occasionally a hosting company is a server for a website offering speed and reliability for sites but their email service leaves a lot to be desired.  Sometimes service may be delayed. As most folks are using a shared hosting plan in which you discuss your server and IP address sometimes hundreds of others, you risk your IP becoming blocked and flagged as spam since another person on your own server may have gotten hacked and also so is already sending spam mail unwittingly.  That is tough to repair.

Transitioning.  If you will need to change web hosts, having your email separate can help this transition.  If you find your site can be slow, or is always down or simply needs updating, moving your site is hard.  The toughest part about switching web hosting companies is switching your emails. You have to make certain you have downloaded all of them or a way and that there is either nothing on the servers to copy the account.  Then look at the pain of having to import the mails.

Hosting your email outside your web hosting accounts typically gives you a great deal of extra space (sometimes up to 50GB), automatic backups, shared calendars, and file storage.  It depends on your email server company.