Do’s And Don’ts Of Travelling In Peckham Minicabs


Going somewhere through mini cabs frequently needs precautions and safety. Selecting a licensed cab or taxi is necessary for diminishing the consequences of any accidents throughout the journey and it is also obliged by law. That is correct, consistent with the travel department of the country it is our duty to check the taxi driver’s license prior to utilizing his cab for our ride.

However, selecting licensed Peckham Minicabs is just half of the scuffle. We can further reduce the perils linked with the journey by pursuing a few simple tips. The following are some of the do’s and don’ts of a taxi journey:


  • Always plan your trip beforehand. Think adequate about when will you leave the house and when will you come back.
  • Pre-book the taxi cab through any good minicab service to save your time. By doing so you will also make sure that you get a licensed minicab for your trip, but still you ought to check the cab driver’s license. You can easily access such services from anyplace in today’s digital epoch. Well you can book a minicab within a few seconds as long as you boast a smartphone.
  • While hiring the minicab also ask for the driver’s name and the make and color of the cab. By doing so you will be capable of identifying your cab easily.
  • When your mini cab reaches your destination, make sure that the driver acquaints your name and the destination prior to sitting in it. Also check the looks of the cab with the account that was given to you by your taxi service.
  • You should stay away from travelling alone. While travelling in cabs get the company of somebody whenever probable. And if you can move as a group then it will be the great!
  • If you are going to visit somebody utilizing a minicab, let them know about it and also notify them the fairly accurate time around which they might anticipate your influx.
  • In addition, you should make a note of the cab number and the driving license number and text it to somebody for additional precaution.


  • If the driver looks to be under the influence of liquor, you should not ride in his minicab.
  • Evade the minicab if driver does not acquaint anything about the areas of the region in which you long to go.
  • Also avoid the cab if it appears to be too old. Minicabs older than five years are not thought to secure for moving.
  • If the cab is in a condition of disrepair just don’t utilize it for travelling.
  • Be vigilant, care for yourself. If you are drunk then don’t travel in a minicab. If you are under the influence of alcohol, the driver has the option of leaving you in the middle of nowhere!

Well it is a good choice to book the Peckham Minicabs as it is safe to travel in such cabs. These cabs are licensed and in a good condition to travel anywhere you want.