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Godaddy affordable host

According to BuiltWith, GoDaddy has a 6% worldwide market share. 6 percent of websites out there must be account for many millions, although this may not seem impressive.

This US hosting provider has over 9,000 employees and the financial muscle to pour millions into marketing campaigns (e.g. Super Bowl ads).

GoDaddy Hosting Costs:

Saving: $8.99 a month for 1 site, 100 GB of storage and unmetered bandwidth.

Deluxe: $11.99 per month to get unlimited traffic storage, websites and bandwidth and a maximum of 25 databases and 500 email accounts.

Ultimate: $16.99 per month for the same attributes as the Deluxe plan and unlimited databases and email accounts.

Maximum: $24.99 a month for superior performance.

Notice that the prices above are for 1-year deals and the full amount is expected to be paid beforehand. For the first semester, GoDaddy offers intriguing discounts (over 40 percent off). GoDaddy can be obtained for 3, 12, 24 and 36 month deals.

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Simplicity of use: ” I locate that their backend intuitive and simple to follow. I think beginners will like its simplicity.

Performance: GoDaddy performed comparatively well in our tests.

Webspace: GoDaddy offers plenty of storage in all their plans. However, be warned that your maximum inodes (total number of files) can not be more than 250,000).

Windows options: Unlike a number of other opponents, GoDaddy also provides Windows-based hosting programs.

Perhaps not the cheapest: GoDaddy isn’t the cheapest host, especially after renewal.

Backups not comprised: Regrettably, unless you pay for a backup add-on ($2 extra a month), you won’t have a reliable system to create copies.

Missing SSL: SSL certificates are not contained, If you need one (most probably you do), then you’ll want to pay for it. This might be a deal-breaker for store owners.

Who is GoDaddy Hosting for?

I’d recommend GoDaddy for people who need a Windows-based hosting. The dearth of SSL certificates copies and high prices at renewal can put some users off.

Inmotion cheap colocation uk hosting

InMotion Hosting has existed since 2001 and currently employs 3000 people, unquestionably among the most popular providers in the US.

I have mixed feelings about these. Whilst I love a lot their strategies’ generosity (e.g. unlimited bandwidth and storage ) and enjoy their simplicity of use, I am a bit disappointed with their performance.

InMotion Hosting Costs:

Launch: $8.99 a month for 2 websites, 2 databases and unlimited storage and bandwidth.

Electricity: $10.99 per month for 6 sites, 50 databases, unlimited bandwidth and storage. 2x functionality.

Guru: $15.99 per month for unlimited sites, databases, bandwidth and storage. 4x functionality.

Like most other competitors, InMotion Hosting offers amazing discounts for the first-term. The above prices are for deals but you could also buy 24-month deals. The complete quantity of the price you purchase is anticipated to be paid in advance.

Simple to use: Even though their backend may be a bit more modern-looking, I believe it is user friendly.

Generous programs: InMotion offers generous plans for bandwidth, storage or email accounts. Even their entrance plan enables you to host 2 sites — most providers allow 1.

Friendly support: My experience with InMotion Hosting’s support has been mainly positive.

Strong uptime: In our evaluations, InMotion Hosting had good uptime documents.

Server places: It only has servers in the US. This may not be ideal for projects outside North America.

No copies: Unless you cover their backup add-on.

Speed: They could be a bit quicker.

No PCI Compliance: Sadly, InMotion Hosting’s servers aren’t PCI compliant. This is not ideal for store projects that are internet.

Who is InMotion Hosting for?

It is for people who are looking for a reliable hosting at a decent price that offers generous plans in terms of storage, bandwidth and email accounts. If you are seeking their opponents, check SiteGround or DreamHost.

Attempt InMotion Hosting:


HostGator, in addition to Bluehost, iPage and dozens more, is a part of EIG (Endurance International Group).

PersonallyI am not a major fan of EIG goods as they are usually overpriced and underperforming. But, I believe HostGator is my favorite (or unfavorite) as they perform somewhat better compared to other EIG services.